Presence-Past, Presence-Presence, Presence-Future: Trans* and Disabled Timelines

As part of the installation, a tablet hangs from the ceiling with the website artwork open. On it, sentences in violet color read: 'Future logics emerge from love which includes and exceeds calculation as one of our uncountable love modes. We (disabled and trans* people) are in the future. A thriving future is one that includes disabled and trans* people.' The background behind the tablet is blurry, and on the right side, a pink glass lampshade can be made out.

At the Sonic Acts Biennale 2022 the meditation 'PRESENCE-PAST, PRESENCE-PRESENT, PRESENCE-FUTURE: Trans* and Disabled Timelines' invited visitors online and offline to get cozy and join in together, meditating towards pleasurable future-presents for trans* and disabled people. Via a QR code that visitors outside the gallery could scan to join, and with cozy cushions that visitors in the space could sink into and meditate with, we practiced making space for feeling into our presences. The Sonic Acts Biennale ‘one sun after another’, was curated by Margarita Osipian, W139, Amsterdam, NL. Coding support for our artwork in collaboration with Karl Moubarak. Photos were taken by Elodie Vreeburg, George Knegtel, Amie Galbraith and Pieter Kers.

A person with long brown hair sits on a large pillow made from two fabrics, one of them black, one white-silvery transparent with tactile elements underneath its surface. The person is wearing headphones and using one of the tablets that show the website artwork. All around, there are people moving. A pink lamp offers soft pink light.
A round lampshade positioned on the ground of the gallery fills the image, eminating pink light. On the glass of the lamp, a large illustration with black outlines shows a plant that is opening. Wrapped around the round shape, part of another illustration shows a blanket.
In the foreground of the photo, a person with long blond hair is seated and using both of their hands to engage with the website artwork on a tablet hanging from the ceiling. Another person further back is doing the same, between them a pink light is positioned.
Three large pillows invite listeners to rest and to engage with tablets with a website artwork open on them. In the open space between the pillows, a round lamp sits on the floor with some line drawings on it. The light is pink.
A wide angled photo shows a pink lamp on the gallery floor, around which the three pillows artworks and tablets that make up the installation are positioned. The tablets are installed hanging from the ceiling so that people resting on the pillows can easily pick them up.
This photo shows the installation from the perspective of someone resting on a pillow: A tablet with the website meditation dangles in front of the softness of pillow material that stretches into the image. In the background, there are a pink lamp and two other pillows.