neveroddoreven is a prism of art works intersecting trans* and crip time: a wobbly plane for non-normative ways of experiencing, theorizing, materializing, subverting, and being in time. A website, an installation and an article tell and interweave stories of temporal experiences that engage in divergence.

website & article

As you visit the website you are invited into non-linearity, loops, circles, palindromes, discontinuities, slowness, and attention to pace - tuning into your own experiences of time. Through navigating this website's folds 'Map', 'Colophon', 'Meditation', 'Lecture' and 'Ice', different temporalities open.


In 'Map' time stretches into the past through collective memories shared by family and friends. On a starry sky background and/or soundscape, audio pieces are hidden and can be found by placing lively animations atop still images. Those who have a physical copy of the Sonic Acts ECHOES #3 magazine can use the included paper inlay for navigation.

On the 'Map' section of the website artwork neveroddoreven, two illustrations of merging black holes have been matched to unlock a time reflection on 'falling through' (time). Captions on the side read 'how sometimes the way from the bed to the kitchen seems like it might take 5 hours, and the way to the bathroom 3.'


In 'Meditation' time moves into the future with the work 'PRESENCE-PAST, PRESENCE-PRESENT, PRESENCE-FUTURE: Trans* and Disabled Timelines' to meditate towards accessible futures.

A screenshot shows a meditation as part of the website artwork neveroddoreven. A newly unfurled phrase from the meditation is displayed, it reads ‘We (disabled and trans* people) are in the future. A thriving future is one that includes disabled and trans* people.


'Lecture' holds the recording of our lecture 'the future is not a point we meet but a trouble we travel' shared during the Sonic Acts Symposium Leaving Traces in October 2022.


With 'Ice' we present a video about the pain of climate change temporalities on an embodied level as the hands of white people hold blocks of ice until the cold hurts too much.


In 'Colophon', we thank Karl Moubarak and Margarita Osipian for collaborating on this artwork, Robin Rutenberg for recordings, as well as friends and colleagues for their treasured contributions. Our article, neveroddoreven: a wobbly map for time travel, is available as a screen reader accessible PDF for download and it is printed in the Sonic Acts ECHOES #3 Magazine with a physical transparent leaflet which activates the website otherwise. neveroddoreven was produced as part of the Sonic Acts residency programme Overexposed 2021 and the Sonic Acts Biennale 2022.

A screenshot shows the website artwork neveroddoreven. In a full screen video there is a person holding an ice block from the inside, fingers jammed into a crevice between panels of melting ice, exposing the hand to uncomfortable coldness.
A screenshot shows a starry sky on the subpage 'Map' on the website artwork neveroddoreven. Two illustrations of a nastic plant have been matched to unlock a time reflection on ‘keep moving’. Captions on the side read: 'I wonder: do we know time as a concept apart from other concepts? Concepts such as attention'
A screenshot shows the subpage 'Meditation' on the website artwork neveroddoreven. A yellow-green blob representing a website visitor glows unterneath of the phrase ‘grounding without the certainty of meeting grounds.’ Many other previously shared meditation phrases dance above.
The Sonic Acts magazine, Echoes, is flipped open to our article ‘Never Odd Or Even A Wobbly Map for Time Travel’. Across the font page are drawings of plants in changing spiky forms.