moving time-times

A large group of people at twilight are gathered in a roundish shape outside of a large white building with the sign “Fondazione Sandretto Re: Rebaudengo” lit up in the evening light. Hands are outstretched towards each other, but not touching.

This cumulative workshop series at Training for the Future 2022 explores Zeitgeber practices for uncertain time-times, offering practices that collectively altered our temporal experiences with participants over the training for this week.

Training for the Future: WE DEMAND A MILLION MORE YEARS was a utopian training camp by Jonas Staal co-curated by Florian Malzacher at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, Italy. Photos were taken by Ruben Hamelink.

Moving Time-Times: Crip Time Clocks

Plastic is a Zeitgeber that expands from pressure of thousands of years compressed into a momentary use. In this pracitice we built clocks that account for lived realities of trans* and crip time. These clocks enact how timelines can be shaped differently.

Groups of people sit outside of a large white building, they are discussing in their small groups in-process crip time clocks that have been rapid prototyped with timely materials like rocks and PET bottles. In the background is an artwork from Jonas Staal made from metal letters held up by many stacked tires. Visible in the image from the sentence 'We Demand a Million More Years' is 'We Demand A Mill'.
A view into a metal basket draped with plastic is holding many crip time clocks: ie bottles that are hacked together in various arrangements to try and describe individual and collective experiences with time. On the left side of the basket is a yellow poster that describes this artistic research project in Italian.

Moving time-times: Sun Tea

Six clear large mason jars with shut lids are lined up linearly on a slab of concrete resembling a bench. It is very bright outsite so both foreground and background are a light gray. The jars are filled with water and labelled with brown tape naming their contents. Inside the two jars on the left are small green herbs and two on the right side are filled with longer, lankier green sprigs. The final jar on the right is filled with orange peels. The contents in the jars are all floating at the top with water below.

During this Zeitgeber we drank tea brewed by the sun.

To activate this Zeitgeber take: a cup, ice, water, sugar and straws. Pour tea brewed from local plants and the sun into the cup. Drink the tea very cold with lots of ice. Sun Tea is a Zeitgeber: it borrows energy from the sun to brew the tea slowly. Drink a cup of tea and consider: what does it do with your time?

Moving time-times: No Moon Movements

This Zeitgeber is a silent sense walk during the new moon. Beginning with an exercise to sense the presence of another person, we then extended these sensorial tinglings in search of trees, grasses, plants, rocks, soil and water.

Two people stand addressing a sapling and each other, hands outstretched sensing each other's energy as well as the sapling's.
A person with long dark hair and closed eyes stands between the large split trunks of a tree, their hands address the middle trunk, with open palms sensing the energy of the tree.