pressure deep time plastic massage

Pressure on the body can slow down heartbeats and create feelings of calmness – or, might, if the pressure become to much, bring up questions of how much it is that one can hold. In this workshop series we create pressure objects from plastic bags, sand and stones to experience weight as a Zeitgeber (time-giver) on our bodies. Plastic itself is a material of pressure and time, as crude oil is formed through both, only to be then transformed into a material that capitalism burns through all too quickly. In this pressure deep time plastic massage we will experiment with holding pressure literally.

Photos by Sebastian Díaz de León from fluid toxicity, floating university July 2023. Invited by fluid toxicity group: Gabriel Alonso, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Pablo Ferreira Navone, Jöran Mandik, Garance Maurer, Maria Morata.

A person wearing a turquoise bracelet places small rocks and plastic objects on another person's open relaxed turned upwards palm.
The photo looks downwards on a group of people in a warm wooden room covered with blue floormats. Some people are resting with rocks, sand and plastic being placed on them. Others are placing these objects. The mood feels relaxed and fun.
A person with curly hair and a mustache rests while another person places small rocks on their closed eyelids.
A person wearing a stim toy bracelet places a rock between the fingers of another person’s outstretched hands. Between the fingers, there already are many rocks, pieces of stacked plastic and marbles.
A group of people are seated in a warm wooden room looking at sheets of paper, in contemplation.
A person places a small round rock between another person’s hands with many rings on it. The middle finger of the hand that is fully visible is covered by a small red color gel.