Zeitgeber are a trans* and crip practice of activating sensorial settings to align and contrast human time alongside eco-tempos. Zeit(time) geber(giver) forge temporal openings for rest and resistance.


A screenshot shows a meditation as part of the website artwork neveroddoreven. A newly unfurled phrase from the meditation is displayed, it reads ‘We (disabled and trans* people) are in the future. A thriving future is one that includes disabled and trans* people.

Deep Time Plastic Massage

A small brown rock is being placed on the palm on the mount of the moon section of the palm. Across the hand are scattered rocks that look something like teardrops, with a circular plastic bottle cap directing it all in the middle.

Moving Time-Times

Six clear large mason jars with shut lids are lined up linearly on a slab of concrete resembling a bench. It is very bright outsite so both foreground and background are a light gray. The jars are filled with water and labelled with brown tape naming their contents. Inside the two jars on the left are small green herbs and two on the right side are filled with longer, lankier green sprigs. The final jar on the right is filled with orange peels. The contents in the jars are all floating at the top with water below.

Presence –

Three large pillows invite listeners to rest and to engage with tablets with a website artwork open on them. In the open space between the pillows, a round lamp sits on the floor with some line drawings on it. The light is pink.

Conspiring Timelines

Elderflower tea sits from jugs in the window, their shadows brew over the warm wooden floor.