never odd nor even

never odd nor even, is a wobbly plane for non-normative ways of experiencing, theorising, materialising, subverting, and being in time. Through navigating this website through the 'Map', 'Colophon', 'Meditation', 'Lecture' and 'Ice' different temporalities open. Time stretches into the past through collective and ancestral memories and into the future with meditations for Trans* and Disabled futures. As you visit the website you are invited into non-linearity, loops, circles, palindromes, discontinuities, slowness, and attention to pace in your time with this website. The artwork, never odd nor even, is interwoven across at least two types of media: a website and an articlein the Sonic Acts Ecoes publication. The transparent inlay that you find on the ‘Map’ if you visit never odd nor even is also available as a physical sheet folded into the Sonic Acts magazine.

Warm and many thanks go to Karl Moubarak and Margarita Osipian for collaborating and developing this website with/alongside us. We are sending much love and thanks to Hank Bobbit, Mary Britton, Gabrielė Gervickaitė, Agnieszka Habraschka, Sandra Lange, Margarita Osipian & Marishka Zachariah for recording & sharing with us their thoughts on time. Produced as part of the Sonic Acts residency programme Overexposed, 2021. Sonic Acts is an interdisciplinary arts organisation based in Amsterdam.


A screenshot of never odd or even explains how to navigate and engage with the site. There are options for moving around with sound and corresponding keys (a plant, black holes merging and a folding blanket) presented. Three orbs on a starry sky are illuminated and labeled as 'keep moving', 'radical slowness', and 'routine'. They sit around a line drawing of a plant. Three orbs on a starry sky are illuminated and labeled as 'keep movin', 'radical slowness', and 'routine'. They sit around a line drawing of a plant. On the bottom right corner there are captions enabled, they presently read: 'I wonder: do we know time as a concept apart from other concepts? Concepts such as attention.' The tags 'Tangible Time', 'Disconnects', 'Memeories' sit around orbs of light that are near to a drawing of a blanket that is double overlaid, a plant with wide open leaves and two frozen black holes -- not yet merged. Plants, Blankets and Black Holes are doulbled across a starry sky. On the left side there is navigation for moving through the starry sky and through the website. The colophon with many thank yous and infos about the theorizing and working around this website are shown. On the left side are the navigation bars for the site. The page 'ICE' is open to show the video titled 'Temporal Drift'. As an opening slide a white person holds a block of ice with both of their hands.