melting Manifesto

  • Melting proposes a physical method of liquifying and changing the state of that which was considered stable.

  • Melting proposes a way of understanding things through change instead of through definition.

  • Melting proposes a change of state through heat, encounter or another friction.

  • Melting is not neutral, it has violence within it as a concept. It dissolves material as a method itself. This is dangerous for some, but life-affirming for others.

  • Further, human technologies and ongoing histories of colonial violence further the melting of polar ice caps and subsequent rising sea levels which are threatening to life on Earth; this is felt unequally through situated perspectives.

  • Melting is opposed to classification and categorization. It is a material en/counter practice.

  • Melting offers alternative assemblages of condensing, liquifying, and embracing dissolution.