Anti-ableist technologies are crip technologies that intervene into ableism as standard and center access.

Counting Feelings

A wide angle photo of the Pop Up Disabled Data Center shows three large and colorful sails made from differently textured fabrics in front of large windows. The left sail is a soft violet sewn together with smaller orange and grey fabrics and has braille embroidered. The middle sail falls in round curvings and is bright yellow, orange and grey. The sail on the right is made from bubblewrap that shimmers in opacities and hovers above an orange blanket placed below. The sails are connected via orange straps that weave in and out of embedded metal gromets, and that are also holding them via attachments on the ceiling. From these sails, grey booklets containing the data sets dangle downwards on long grey strings that permeate the fabrics. Below, small clay figures are scattered across on the floor.

Access Server

A graphic shows the workings of the project ACCESS SERVER, detailing with illustrations and arrows the flow from writing an email as a disabled person to routing this email through a server, reaching an institution and receiving a reply.

Unforgetting as Caring

A film still from the experimental video work Unforgetting as Caring shows two overlapping images: The lower is filled by an AAC device sewn from orange plastic-like fabric that is lying atop a grey plastic background. The other one, a rectangular frame positioned in the right corner of the image, shows the same grey plastic background with two hands atop that untangle string from a hearing aid device made from the same orange plastic as the AAC. Layered on top is the caption 'community', as well as two cut-out images of clocks.

Flowing, Patterning and Pacing

A flourescent pink sculpture emerges out of a garden with many small plants in the foreground and background. The structure looks spider like with many dancing legs. Flowing down the center of the sculpture is a burlap painting with scenes of trans* and disabled thriving - stitched into the weave are gestures from visitors to the sculpture, rehearsing our collective thriving in climate change.

Imagining Backwards Computer

An excerpt from a poster shows a worm like structure in a blue-to-rose gradient that stretches across, its long body intersecting at parts and diverging at others. 
    Wavy computer interfaces of folders, terminals and windows float atop the structure in blue and rose transparencies. Letters across read: Collecting things and Processing your data.